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Kampala Parents' School, is a private mixed primary school located in Nakawa Division of the City Council of Kampala. It is a day school providing a local curriculum Kampala parents’ school is on international level but follows a local curriculum. It’s situated along lugogo by pass and has an enrolment of over 3000 pupils with 130 well trained teachers and over 150 non-teaching staff members. The pupils come from all over the world. The school has been and will continue to be an academic hub of Uganda because of the balanced curriculum offered. We are a multi-cultural institution that provides a well-rounded balanced education to children from different backgrounds. Readmore

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Best PLE Performers

KPS Best Maths Performers in PLE

Kampala Parents School emerged as the best maths performers in the country.


The body & its abilities are just as vital to intelligence as is the mind. We emphasize both academics & sports, 2 vital elements for child development.

Kampala Parents Spotlight

Victoria Uinversity Opening Ceremony
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